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Preventative medicine, for your practice

Supporting healthcare organizations, day-in and day-out requires intimate understanding of the challenging business climate for healthcare—from quality of care, to regulatory compliance, to cost-effective operations.

Have new clinical systems, PACS or POE technologies triggered a review of your information availability policies?

Will an electronic medical records application help or hinder your regulatory compliance?

Xodus offers Healthcare services that address your specific needs, such as:

HIPAA Disaster Recovery/Contingency Planning
Unlike many companies that promote remote back-up or off premise storage of data as disaster recovery, we believe true contingency planning involves much more. We present a solution that will develop an action plan that can be enacted in the event of an actual emergency, to help you with the recovery of your business.

In the event of an emergency, just knowing that your data is secure is not enough.

Where will you continue your practice?
How long will it take to secure a new physical location?
Where will you acquire new computer hardware from?
How long does it take to acquire this new hardware?
What are the time requirements for installation?
How long will it take for insurance reimbursement?
Can you sustain this time frame and remain in business?
We help you develop a full business impact analysis and risk assessment. Completing this process provides you with insight into business critical areas of your practice. This information is used to create a disaster recovery plan that when enacted can assist in a timely business recovery, that minimizes financial impact.

Unfortunately in today’s world being prepared for the worst is a business necessity. We want you to be prepared in the un-likely event that a natural or un-natural catastrophic disaster was to occur.