Xodus can make it secure…HIPAA secure.

Email is one of the timeliest, cost effective, and convenient methods of communication between health care professionals. Everybody is using it to work smarter….not harder. A patient corresponding to set up an appointment, email prescriptions, transcriptions, the possibilities are widespread. However, under most circumstances, it’s also one of the least secure. And that’s why so few use it extensively.

Maintaining the privacy of Electronic Patent Health Information (ePHI) is top priority with Xodus. Our mail servers are accessible only through Secure HTTP using 1024 bit encryption, thereby guaranteeing that no one sniffing your network has access to your data. And for securing mail between providers, we fully email encryption via secure email, thereby securing the link from point to point.

HIPPA Secure, Full Featured, Handheld access, customized to your domain name,